We will set up a "Taiwan enzyme Health Village" demonstration base, not only promote the enzyme,
but also hopes to use R & D centers, academia, industry, triple,
Find out more about the target enzyme of mystery, full understanding of it, and then be able to make a greater contribution to mankind.

We plan to plan an emerging alternative industries, including manufacturing,
environmental, biological, cosmetics, space, nanotechnology and other technology
And occupational safety, food and beverage management, sports and leisure, health,
tourism, culture, creativity, digital content and GMP guidance and other countries

Reward the development of six industry research and development and international promotion,
and actively foster the rural economy, towards the peasants rich, new agricultural technology in industry,
government and commercial integrated development study.

Allow Taiwan to create Taiwan 【Enforcement in the world become the leader of the enzyme】
                                                    【Enzyme Kingdom】,
                                                    【Enzymes are the world】.

Wellness Village aims and objectives:

                                               ---- Attention - Services - to promote the cause of human health and sustainable development.
                                               ---- Rural prosperity, improve the rural economy, their living standards and health.
                                               ---- Cultural and creative industries, leading the world.


Taiwan Enzyme Village

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